Vanbrugh Press is directed by Andrew Boag, a leading UK typographer, information designer, writer, and lecturer. He founded Vanbrugh after working in teaching, in the font industry, and after building an award-winning information design business BoagMcCann.

Vanbrugh is devoted to publishing design and print-related works that are carefully researched, in well-designed and accessible form. Subjects include the history, theory, and practice of design and print technology, information design, and aspects of business.

Our first publication – published with the Printing Historical Society – is History of the Monotype Corporation: a publication that has been in development for over 20 years.

This groundbreaking business history was first discussed in 1992, while Boag was employed at Monotype. His initial mission was to make the British Corporation’s business history available for the first time. He raised sponsorship for the book’s research and writing (via ATypI conferences, for example). The book soon expanded to take in the histories of Monotype’s type development and of its composing technologies. Leading researchers were commissioned: Judy Slinn to write the business history; Sebastian Carter to write the type history; and Lawrence Wallis to write the technology history. Sadly Lawrence died in 2008 and Richard Southall subsequently took this over. Each has brought their own take on the Corporation’s extraordinary achievements between 1897 & 1992: and the texts have been expertly edited and designed by Christopher Burke. An epilogue covers Monotype’s continuing legacy in high-quality type since 1992, along with the rescue of Monotype’s hot-metal business by the Science Museum.